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They are my mothers' and my sisters' too

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

The holy dust

And the tears I cry are not mine alone

They are my mothers‘ and my sisters‘ too

I’m not healing this for you or me alone

It’s the women‘s spirit too

So I look at the pain

I shine light on the wounds

I let them tell the stories

Of blood and shame and trust misused

Oh let them heal their bodies

I take it back my power and lust

It’s not theirs to oh so grab

Cause in the light of the holy dust

My soul it comes crying back

. Over generations, women's bodies were used and their souls mistreated and disrespected as something 'less'. And in today's world it is clear to see how the disempowerment continues; if we have the self-honesty to open our eyes to it. So, the pain we as women face today is not just 'ours'. It is given on from our mothers, and their mothers, and so on. Systematic approaches to therapy such as Family Constellations show that what happened before us and what happens around us affects us - whether we can clearly see it or not.

In opening to the healing of these wounds we might at first find ourselves shying away from pain, pretending it’s not there or rationalizing its existence. But by shining light on it, we heal. And the healing doesn’t stop with ourselves. It has this unexplainable way of creating love in all those places where unprocessed pain lies; whether it is ‘ours’ or taken on from our mothers and sisters. It is also their pain, and it is also their healing. So, the process doesn’t stop in our body but it sends a message into the outer world as well. Of claiming back our power, our softness, our beauty. It will transcend all rational explanation a masculine-dominated society will try to put on you.

Today, it's international women's day. May we acknowledge all the women that came before us, their suffering and their strength to fight for their rights. May we continue to open our eyes to the inequality and oppression that is right in front of us. May we continue to stand up together

in peace


xx NM

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